Digital Nomading on Rails

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Iryna Zayats

"Digital nomading on Rails - 14 months across Bali, Thailand, and Malaysia" - by Iryna Zayats.

Why this topic?
Digital nomading is a hyped-up and heavily romanticized topic online. Let’s take a real look at the ups and downs of this lifestyle. From working in the jungle to traveler's fatigue, we'll talk about it all.

Who is Iryna?
I used to be a java developer at N-iX for about 5 years before falling in love with #Ruby. When that happened, I quit my job, began freelancing and eventually ended up working and traveling around Bali and Thailand for over a year.

Fun fact about Iryna:
I won a $10,000 Memory challenge from Tim Ferriss by learning to memorize a shuffled deck of cards in under a minute. "Tim mentioned me in a couple of his talks & podcasts, and now I sometimes get recognized at geeky conferences emoji )"