Volodymyr Sveredyuk
Elixir ain't got that library

Does Elixir has X library? Y? Z? That? and that? Questions that he hears all the time when explaining why we should give Elixir a try. Yes! Elixir has a lot of libraries that we can just use and don't event need do it yourself.

Eugene Pirogov
A year in Elixir, 2018 edition

Eugene is going to talk about various things that happened to Elixir in 2018. You'll look at some notable developments that happened to Elixir and Erlang core, as well as some remarkable library releases in the ecosystem. You'll also look at some interesting community initiatives and activities. Finally, he'll talk about where Elixir is headed in 2019.

Alexei Sholik
Elixir’s Hidden Treasures

For a newcomer to the Elixir ecosystem there are a lot of new tools and concepts to discover. Believe it or not, the same can be said about a seasoned Elixir developer.

In this talk, we’re going to look at what makes this programming system unique and learn about some of the more obscure yet valuable tools hidden behind the curtain of what is known as OTP and BEAM VM.

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