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Roman V. Babenko
Loops and other background jobs. O quam cito transit gloria mundi

Roman V. Babenko is Ruby & Rails developer, Team Lead, Software Architect, DevOps, Full-Stack Engineer - an all-singing, all-dancing Technical Wizard.

One day you have to decide how to make your app run more than one job at the same time. Architecture, level of isolation, memory management, persistence are the criteria which gonna be highlighted to make your choice of ruby background job framework as easy as possible. Parallel, Sidekiq, Resque, Sneakers what is the value for money? In general, this talk will tell you the story of Loops. Undeservedly abandoned, but architecturally nice.

Allan Grant
How Reducing Friction Enables Entrepreneurship

Allan Grant is a Ukrainian-born hacker and entrepreneur. Most recently Allan co-founded Hired.com, a marketplace for engineering careers which has raised more than $100M USD in venture capital. Allan also founded Talkable, a YCombinator-backed SaaS startup based in Kyiv and San Francisco. Allan has been programming since age 7 and started five other companies before Hired & Talkable.

At this #pivorak, Allan will talk about how reducing friction with Rails application generators enabled the starting of Hired and Talkable, and how the design approach of "Vanilla Rails" reduces cost of innovation. He will also share a personal story of his public fight with DHH, and various hacks that helped get his companies off the ground.