Sroop Sunar
The life-changing magic of tidying technical debt

As developers, we talk a lot about the topic of clean code. We aspire for 100% test coverage, short reusable methods, we optimize for readability and beauty - but does any of that actually matter if your codebase is drowning in technical debt? Should we be aiming for clean code or tidy code? In this talk, you may discover that you are in fact a closet code slob, contributing to the clutter of your codebase every single day. But fear not, because tidying a codebase is as simple as decluttering your home. Drawing on lots of practical examples, this talk will arm you with some simple techniques to permanently purge technical debt and be free from code-clutter forever.

Aaron Patterson
Compacting GC in Ruby 2.7

Aaron will be speaking about the compacting GC that he implemented for Ruby 2.7. We’ll cover the benefits of compacting GC as well as the algorithms used for implementation.

Tobias Pfeiffer
Do You Need That Validation? Let Me Call You Back About It

Rails apps start nice and cute. Fast forward a year and business logic and view logic are entangled in our validations and callbacks - getting in our way at every turn. Wasn’t this supposed to be easy?
Let’s explore different approaches to improve the situation and untangle the web.

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