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Arto Bendiken
Interactive Robotics with Elixir and Nerves
The killer app for Ruby was Rails. The killer app for Elixir isn’t (only) the Phoenix web framework, however, but rather the Nerves embedded framework that enables the creation of smart, networked, and reliable hardware using high-level abstractions. We’ll introduce Nerves through the motivating example of the development of a live-action wargame involving quadcopter drones.
Alexei Sholik
Dockerized Elixir in practice
The problem of deploying Elixir applications does not yet have a single solution accepted by the majority of users. At PSPDFKit we have found Docker to be a flexible platform for building releases and packaging them as Docker images for distribution to our customers who then run the images on their infrastructure. I will go through the steps involved in the process of building a release with Distillery, configuring and deploying it and I will also highlight the pros and cons of choosing Docker.
Anton Mishchuk
Flow-Based Programming with Flowex
The talk will be about Flow-Based programming (FBP) using Flowex library built on top of Elixir GenStage feature. I’ll also demonstrate how one can use Ruby and Python inside Flowex pipes and therefore create reusable components with language-specific functionality.