18:00 EEST
Denys Medynskyi
Let’s send JS on quarantine

In recent Ruby on Rails πŸ›€ framework was losing Single Page Applications game 🎲 . However, with birth of Turbo βš™οΈ Rubysts can now deliver single page applications without a need to write JavaScript πŸ›‘.

Also, with help of viewcomponents gem πŸ’Ž we can write testable components which are inspired by React components. And in case you really really need some JS interactivity sprinkle this beautiful dish with Stimulus.js.

I will share lessons learned after few months work with all these technologies.

Bohdan Varshchuk
WTF is NFT: wagmi or not? ;)

The next big thing or just another hype train? What is NFT? Is it more crypto or art? And what to do with that? In this talk, we will talk about history, recent experiments in the field, and how to protect yourself from being scammed.

Volodymyr Sveredyuk
Why SPA can be deprecated and what's next

SPA is a cool and right path from the tech perspective but what about business? Should we doubled our resources or hire only full-stacks? Can you be good enough full-stack in 2022? Let's talk about this and why the "HTML-OVER-WIRE" approach starts occupying our minds.

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