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Serge Tyatin
Computer vision

Today we'll try to teach artificial neural network to do something for us. Let's do it in 10 min!

Dmytro Bihnyak
Chat bots for every day life

How do you create a personal ChatBot? Do we underestimate chatbots really? Let's find out how can we benefit from it or just have fun.

Eugene Pirogov
Microservices: A cure for wellness

In 2017 I got lucky to be part of the team who makes EHealth a reality. The work is still ongoing, but we've already learned a lot of bitter lessons. The talk will be focused solely on technical side of things, particularly and most notably: the usage of microservices. I will explain the stack we're using, particularly the usage of Elixir, Docker and Kubernetes. I will go into details regarding many aspects of the development process that were found problematic when working on microservice architecture, and show how we resolve or get around the problems. As an added bonus – all of our work is open-sourced! Everyone can take a look at what we’re making, and even take part in the development!

Ivan Goncharov
W.T.F. is GraphQL?

Ivan Goncharov has been working on API tooling under APIs.guru brand for the last three years. Together with his colleague they recently entered GraphQL world with tools like GraphQL Voyager and GraphQL Faker and are working on a few more at the moment. Dreaming about “intelligent” API clients.

So what's the "GraphQL" everybody is talking about?
Come to this talk to find out what GraphQL is and how it is different from the rest (no pun intended)