Pivorak is a Lviv Ruby Meetup . A solid community of Rubyists in Lviv. It’s a serious place to share Ruby puzzles with friends, teammates, students and total strangers. If they all are rubyists, of course.
Here you drink beer, eat crawfish, and solve problems. Our meetup is completely free of charge (including your first beer on afterparty).

We started in June, 2015 and kept gathering every single month for almost 2 years.
We are proud to have 30+ speakers and Andrzej Krzywda, Piotr Solnica, Piotr Szotkowski, Nick Sutterer, Michał Papis, Ivan Nemytchenko, José Valim among them.

Now we’ve grown up enough to make our own website. Thanks to our contributors! And you can’t imagine how happy we are to see you!

We are a nonprofitable organization.
Our partners and sponsors support us so that we can organize high-level events keeping them free of charge.
You can also support our community using the Donate button.

Want to see the all the details and stay up to date? Find us here:


No crap. No crab. #pivorak.