#pivorak, Lviv Ruby User Group, is the biggest community of Rubyists in Ukraine.

It’s a place to share your experience, solve Ruby puzzles with friends, teammates, students and total strangers. If they all are Rubyists, of course. We pride ourselves as the friendliest Ruby community in Europe ❤️

If you say it in one sentence 👉

Why #pivorak is awesome:

  • All our events are free of charge and our budget is transparent to all community members. We run entirely on donations of time, money and efforts. You can support us here
  • Speakers from around the world come to Lviv and share their knowledge and experience.
  • We empower Ruby Developers to grow as Engineers and Persons. We organize great technical, inspirational and soft-skill talks, workshops, courses, Rails Girls and Rails Teens.
  • We have a unique team of volunteers that help and support each and every initiative community has in mind.
  • We are a kickstarter for people without any public speaking experience.
  • We grow every year, helping newbies to learn Ruby with our free intensive 2-months Summer Courses.

#pivorak in numbers:

  • 5 years
  • 40+ Meetups
  • 5 Conferences
  • 3 Ruby Summer Courses
  • 3 Rails Girls
  • 2 Rails Teens
  • 1000+ attendees

Even more stats from pivorak.com (as of May 2020):

The Heroes of #pivorak:

  • Innocode, a cradle of #pivorak. The company, where everything started and that supported the community for the hardest first years, when the culture of donations wasn’t there yet. Innocode believed in “Sharing is caring” and helped us transform this idea into the real life project.
  • Great companies on Supporters page
  • Oksana Oleshchenko, our hard-working yet so shy organiser. There wasn’t a single event without her contribution during the first 3 years (check out our fav video with Oksana). 2 years ago she graduated our Summer Course and became a Ruby Engineer herself.
  • Sofiia Kolisnyk, the driver of the hardest #pivorak project – Summer Course. The one who boosted the events to a new level and launched the international conferences. She is the force and muscles of our community.
  • Oleksii Vasiliev, the first speaker of the very first meetup. He believed in us when all our numbers were 0.
  • Current core team members, who spent tons of time to keep it rolling: Anna Golovchenko, Bohdan Varshchuk, Denys Medynskyi, Volodymyr Sveredyuk, Iryna Zayats, Oleksandra Klochko, Volodymyr Byno, Andrew Shyika, Ilko Fedak.

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