Functional Immutable CSS

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Alexey Topolyanskiy

The talk will be about solving CSS issues in big projects by adopting Functional CSS methodology.

You will learn how to take best ideas from Functional Programming, and apply them to your CSS codebase. This means side-effects are limited or nonexistent, already created classes can't be overridden because they are immutable and they are trying to be as "pure" as it's possible to achieve in CSS.

This talk will be mostly useful for back-end and front-end developers working on large-scale projects, but I think everyone working with HTML and CSS on daily basis may be also interested in this.

Alex Topolyanskiy is a Designer & Developer in Spree Commerce. Lives and works in Warsaw, Poland.
Alexey has about 10 years of experience in web development. Besides being interested in Front-End stuff, He’s also a big fan of Rock & Metal music, loves to travel and take photos.

Some people in Ruby community may know him because for about 5 years he was working in Spree Commerce, and they developed very popular open source e-commerce engine called Spree and he did a lot of contribution to it - - #12.