Cryptoparty: Introduction

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Oleksiy Markovets

Olexii, what’s your topic exactly about?
This is about CryptoParty: decentralized movement with the goal to pass on knowledge about protecting yourself in the digital space.
I will try to give general overview on what CryptoParty is, why would anyone care about privacy on the internet and what is common topics covered during CryptoParty.
For whom will it be a useful topic?
Anyone, actually anyone, no technical background is required.

About Olexii:
"I’m a programmer. I write code. Mostly I’m involved in Linux system programming. I like to think that I’m quite good in C++. Currently, privacy and anonymity on the internet is one of the topics on which I spend my spare time."
Olexii introduced some of us to CryptoParty last Summer (the first time in Ukraine, woah!), but it’s time to share the ideas with the wider audience.